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Ensuring Unprecedented Safety in a Connected World with Janus.


Highlights from 2023 ITRI ICT TechDay

This article is reprinted from ITRI TODAY

The 2023 ITRI ICT TechDay, an all-day forum and technology exhibition, showcased groundbreaking information and communication innovations with a focus on low Earth orbit (LEO) Satellites, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), 5G/6G communications, cyber security, and generative AI (GAI). Industrial heavyweights such as the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), Taiwan Space Agency, Taiwan Information Security Center (TWISC), and MediaTek were present to share insights into the latest trends and achievements in these areas.

The 2023 ICT TechDay is graced by representatives from the Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS), the TWISC, NTT, ADI and DOIT at the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), ITRI, the Taiwan Space Agency (TASA), and the Cloud Computing and IoT Association in Taiwan (CIAT).

General Director of ITRI’s Information and Communications Research Laboratories Dr. Pang-An Ting pointed out how the innovations exhibited at the event mirrored the changing landscape of the global ICT industry, such as the regionalization and localization of ICT supply chains, the heightened limitations anticipated in hardware sales, and the worldwide pursuit of sustainability. Innovations promoting openness, intelligence, and green have emerged as the driving forces behind ICT development, fostering the growth of startups that are injecting new energy into Taiwan’s ICT industry.

LEO Satellite Ground Communication Radio Frequency Subsystem

Utilizing self-developed array antenna RF chips and a beam tracking algorithm, this system enables satellite ground equipment to connect LEO satellites within one second, a speed 11 times faster than that of an F16 fighter jet. Taiwan’s ICT companies independently completed the LEO satellite ground equipment architecture and interface design, positioning them among the top three satellite manufacturers globally.

LEO Satellite Ground Communication Radio Frequency Subsystem connects satellite ground equipment to LEO satellites within one second.

V2X See Through

The patented V2X See Through offers drivers the perspective of the previous vehicle with fused see-through images. This innovation integrates image recognition, image stitching technology, and V2X vehicle onboard communications through the 5.9 GHz ITS dedicated frequency band to enhance on-road safety.

The V2X See Through is designed to enhance on-road safety.


Janus is a fully automated AI-powered solution that maximizes IoT security by establishing a network’s behavior baseline, implementing firewall rules, micro-segmenting, and continuous monitoring for deviations. Several healthcare institutions, smart factories, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Taiwan have embraced Janus to boost cyber security.

5G O-RAN Micro-Cell Technology

This Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) micro-cell base station system is equipped with core technologies including massive multiple-input multiple-output (massive MIMO) technology and high radio power transmission. Overcoming limitations in heat dissipation, signal distortion, and beamforming, this technology caters to market demands for large coverage areas, high capacity, high interoperability, and integration in public infrastructure and private networks. It has been transferred to local companies for production targeting the global market.

FAST AI One-Stop System

The Fast AI One-Stop System was introduced as a powerful tool to accelerate enterprises’ AI applications without requiring advanced programming skills. Through intuitive drop-down menus, users can complete data preparation, federated learning, and automated rapid modeling, simplifying the process of building AI models without in-depth coding knowledge.


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