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Janus Launches in EU to Bring AI-powered IoT Cybersecurity to Critical Industries

At upcoming ONE Conference, founder will celebrate debut by sharing insights into Europe's information security landscape while calling for greater international collaboration to address growing threats

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Janus, the fully automated, AI-powered IoT cybersecurity solution, today announced that it is entering the European market, focusing on boosting the information security of the region's most crucial industries — particularly the medical, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure sectors.

To learn more about how Janus protects networks with the power of AI, please contact:

"Janus: Revolutionizing IoT Security with Simplicity and Friendliness. Your Gateway to a Secure Future."

"Janus: Revolutionizing IoT Security with Simplicity and Friendliness. Your Gateway to a Secure Future."

To mark the launch, its founder, Dr. Ares Cho, will address participants at the upcoming ONE Conference, a leading cybersecurity forum. Dr. Cho's talk will take place on Tuesday, October 3 from 12:35 to 13:35 in the Africa room at the World Forum in The Hague, and attendees can look forward to his insights into the European IoT cybersecurity landscape and how Janus can help European companies stay protected.

"Europe and Taiwan have many parallels in terms of the cybersecurity challenges their strategic sectors face," commented Dr. Cho. "Janus has been honed by such challenges in Taiwan, and I look forward to sharing at ONE Conference how its cutting-edge capabilities can set a new standard for IoT cybersecurity in the European market."

Protecting critical industries in Europe and Taiwan

The core problem for IoT worldwide is that more automation means more network connections and therefore greater risk of cyberattacks. As The Economist reports, Taiwan produces 60% of the world's semiconductors and 90% of the most advanced ones, making cybersecurity strategically crucial, particularly as automation is increasingly leveraged. Similarly, Europe's automotive manufacturing industry contributes approximately 7% to the region's GDP, according to McKinsey, making a strong case for robust protection of its operational technology (OT) sectors.

Janus: The gatekeeper of IoT cybersecurity

To effectively address these vulnerabilities, Janus maximizes information security of a given system through several measures: by first establishing a network's behavior baseline, applying firewalls, implementing micro-segmentation, and then continuously monitoring for deviations. These provide robust IoT cybersecurity, especially for industries that have the highest impacts from disruption, such as medical, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure. In addition, Janus' AI engine is fully self-contained, enabling it to continuously learn and optimize while avoiding the need to send data to a third party.

Dr. Cho was inspired to create Janus after witnessing numerous ransomware attacks on Taiwan's healthcare institutions in 2018 and 2019, when smart IoT solutions were widely adopted without adequate cybersecurity. To fill this gap, Dr. Cho developed a fully automated cybersecurity IoT solution, leveraging AI to automate processes and facilitate IT management.

His vision has grown Janus to now serve industries globally. Specific to Europe's manufacturing industry, Janus' micro-segmentation minimizes disruption of production from cyberattacks. For critical infrastructure, Janus is powerful enough to accommodate high cybersecurity standards and is customizable for specialized networks, such as power grids and EV charging stations, which are also particularly susceptible.

Key Highlights at ONE Conference

Dr. Cho's upcoming talk will cover:

  • Insights into the European IoT landscape: Specifically, Europe's growing dependence on IoT devices, recent breaches and current concerns, and how Janus addresses these challenges.

  • Cybersecurity in Taiwan and Europe: Comparing cybersecurity challenges and opportunities.

  • Importance of international collaboration: The role of cross-border collaboration, innovation and knowledge-sharing in tackling global cybersecurity challenges.

  • Inspiration behind Janus: How witnessing ransomware attacks on Taiwan's healthcare institutions led him to envision Janus and lessons learned that are applicable to Europe.

  • European regulatory leadership: The global importance of Europe's regulatory standards and how Janus embraces them.


SOURCE the Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center at ITRI


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